Making you Stronger for the Future

Making you Stronger for the FutureMaking you Stronger for the Future

Belt Levels


Our curriculum is designed to give our students a new goal to reach each stage. Whether it's new kicks, new blocks or new form, overcoming each one gives our students a sense of accomplishment.

Belts to Taegeuk

White-Yellow-Taegeuk 1

Advanced Yellow -Taegeuk 1
Purple-Taegeuk 2
Advanced Purple- T1 & T2
Orange-Taegeuk 3
Advanced Orange T2 & T3
Green-Taegeuk 4
Advanced Green T3 & T4

Blue-Taegeuk 5

Advanced Blue T4 & T5

Brown-Taegeuk 6

Advanced Brown T5 & T6

Red-Taegeuk 7

Advanced Red T6 & T7

Poom-Taegeuk 8

Pre Test T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6

Black 1st. Dan Kogryo

Black 2nd Dan Kungam


Taeguk 1

Yellow, Advanced Yellow & Advanced Purple Belts

Taeguk 2

Purple, Advanced Purple & Advanced Orange Belts

Taeguk 3

Orange, Advanced Orange & Advanced Green Belts

Taegeuk 4

Green, Advanced Gr3en & Advanced Blue Belts

Taeguk 5

Blue, Advanced Blue & Advanced Browne Belt

Taeguk 6

Brown, Advanced Brown & Advanced Red Belts

Taeguk 7

Red Advanced Red & Poom Belts

Taeguk 8

Poom Belts