Making you Stronger for the Future

Making you Stronger for the Future

Making you Stronger for the FutureMaking you Stronger for the Future

Belt Levels


Our curriculum is designed to give our students a new goal to reach each stage. Whether it's new kicks, new blocks or new form, overcoming each one gives our students a sense of accomplishment.

Belts to Taegeuk

White-Yellow-Taegeuk 1

Advanced Yellow -Taegeuk 1
Purple-Taegeuk 2
Advanced Purple- T1 & T2
Orange-Taegeuk 3
Advanced Orange T2 & T3
Green-Taegeuk 4
Advanced Green T3 & T4

Blue-Taegeuk 5

Advanced Blue T4 & T5

Brown-Taegeuk 6

Advanced Brown T5 & T6

Red-Taegeuk 7

Advanced Red T6 & T7

Poom-Taegeuk 8

Pre Test T1,T2,T3,T4,T5,T6

Black 1st. Dan Kogryo

Black 2nd Dan Kungam


Taeguk 1

Yellow, Advanced Yellow & Advanced Purple Belts

Taeguk 2

Purple, Advanced Purple & Advanced Orange Belts

Taeguk 3

Orange, Advanced Orange & Advanced Green Belts

Taegeuk 4

Green, Advanced Gr3en & Advanced Blue Belts

Taeguk 5

Blue, Advanced Blue & Advanced Browne Belt

Taeguk 6

Brown, Advanced Brown & Advanced Red Belts

Taeguk 7

Red Advanced Red & Poom Belts

Taeguk 8

Poom Belts